Monday, July 18, 2011

We are only 14 billion years old...

The universe exists because I, as a conscious observer, am here to observe it.  It's the strong version of the anthropic principle.  We will never be outside observers in our universe because we are tangled into it, a part of it, from quasars to the quantum foam of space.  As the universe is about 14 billion years old, we, as a culture are probably the same age, like a 14 year old adolescent.  We are still feeling about, trying to understand things, and still have our guardians (religion) to protect us.  We feel warm and safe but we are naive.  Society, culture, and the mind of man will age: it has hit puberty and is struggling through the changes and will eventually grow up and understand, learn, love, and be humble.  And then our religious guardians will die, and we will survive on our own, but the difference is that, as the body gets older and decays and falls apart, so will these future societies.  The physical manifestation of man will break down.  This is a good thing, because what makes us alive - the information that moves forward through time and is never lost but carried on - is free, zero mass, it is E - (minus) MC/2 = pure energy.  It is the invisible force of mind and emotion that carries on.  As entropy increases so will society, as does the human body, as we age into 20 billion to 100 billion and to death - but, that spirit of life lives on, from one universe to the next.  This is what I believe, that we are a reflection of the universe in so many ways, increasing in entropy but organizing in knowledge and experience and spirit.

We fight, we run, we are actively hurting ourselves, but don't all 14 year old males do so? This is a male driven society, right? (But the "adults" of life will become mothers)

We are fleshy eggs where consciousness and life grows, and when we die we hatch.  We need to be happy first, because all else is essentially just icing on the cake.  The "being", that which makes us, is that inner part of the egg, the yolk of life, that is truly us, and the icing is our flesh.  We get too caught up with believing this flesh is important, but it's just a shell.  So Jesus and Lao Tzu are right, that the essence of life, the soul, is happiness.

We are cosmic strings that are plucked, and the music created is the flow of information that we generate, those sounds of energy that we share with all life on this planet and also the strings that blend with other dimensions.  I tell myself I'm being over-imaginative but why not?  Why would mother nature put so much effort into making something as definitive and complex as biological creatures?  There is something going on, that's for sure.  We can't see it yet because, like I said above, we are still too young to see it.   Consciousness, and more importantly self-awareness, is pretty new to us as a species.  A Utopian future doesn't exist for us yet, because life still has to learn to be alive.