Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are we becoming a Superorganism?

I was watching a bunch of ants working together, collecting food between the cracks of the sidewalk, and I thought to myself, these creatures are like the video I posted a few weeks ago, about ants acting like fluids. And I thought to myself, we, humans, don't act like this, do we? Do we act like lesser elements, like particles bumping into each other and forming little groups, and forming atoms? Will society ever rise up in the ranks of formation and cooperation, and form elements like Hydrogen and Oxygen and form an ocean of water?

What do you think?

I read this article below about cities being an organism, a step above biology. That we are, with our technologies, creating a new species but what exactly would it be? Are city states and welfare states and school systems, and corporations like Coca Cola, or my employer World Wrestling Entertainment, a new type of superorganism?

This might sound ridiculous but I've walked through my building that is a Television Studio, and thought of the layout. On the bottom floor, we have a bunch of hallways that pretty much channel throughout the building, like the muscles in our bodies. Along the top corner of the walls are wires, dozens of bundles of them that are like nerves. The "nerves" lead to the center of the building, which is called Master Control. Master Control is like the heart of the building, where tapes and satellite feeds converge into this one room and television shows and production is "fed" into and out from other external (environmental) locations. The tapes and digital file transfers are like cells and genes, packed with information that Master Control takes in, and then the information is sent to the Edit Rooms, where the show is put together and fine tuned. Also, throughout the building we have pipes and cables that resemble veins and intestines. The rest of the lower floor has other departments. The Television Graphics department (where I work) is where visual art is created, like decorations that an organism would have - hair or fur or eye or skin color - and other aesthetics like clothing and necklaces and other accessories; these are created from the "Mind(s)" decision, which I'll get to in a moment. Other departments like the Music section where songs and music is played and recorded mimic the sounds of animals that communicate for serenading and beauty. There are audio rooms where sounds are created like tidbits of subjective noises like clicks and chirps and squeaks. There are edit rooms where the shows are put together, and the whole package is presented, the whole organism finalized, compiled from all the work mentioned above.

On the second floor, and the highest floor in my building (but much higher in other corporations), are the brains of the show, the minds that make all of the decisions.
What does it all look like to you?

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