Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bitten - Poem written in late 1990's

Bitten by an angry spider,
I fled for Fate's open arms.
Attacked, struck, bitten,
by an enemy I did not choose,
a dwarfed soul to humanity,
whose cavern I invade.
The darkness swells,
night draping cold arms about me.
Cradled in a force of blackened night,
I am bitten once again.
Caressed by a web of shadows I invaded,
I destroyed.
The tears of my enemy are felt piercing my skin,
as its teeth sink deep within.
I am touched  by a soul greater, broader than mine.
An untaught heart thumping before me.
I cry in my wisdom of stupidity,
As I am struck again, and again...
As I feel my enemy's warmth,
tears flowing peacefully,
the fangs sheath once again,
and my aggressor rises above on a string of light,
disappearing into its darkened haven above.
I am free once more, to breath the air, touch the sky.
Free of the darkened torment of an enemy I once feared,
but now understand.

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