Monday, February 15, 2010

Pure Energy Poem (inspired by film Akira) - Written sometime in the mid to late 1990's

I rule my domain,
I'm king of the mountain,
but it's all garbage.
I still have the power,
I rose from the flames.
I've done the destruction,
I've taken the blames.
You think I'm a loser,
It's not my fault I was smaller,
but now is the day,
now it's my time!
I lost all my friends,
I just have my power,
but I can't control it,
it warps by the hour.
The people are stirring,
there is another one that's stronger,
I must find him now,
this one they call War Monger.
Come on, bring him on, the one they call Ran.
I can take on the world!
But I'm not who I was anymore,
my soul is an empty void.
All I am, all I was,
is now gone forever.
They chant the praising hymns,
"Rasera!" is what I hear.
I'm fading from you now,
The power is what I fear.

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