Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ensemble - Poem written in mid to late 1990's

A sad light shines on the stock-still doll,
immobile by a stock-still pond.
His clothing soaked and glistening,
thin threads holding their bond.
The water slowly shimmers,
vibrating to a song.
Out comes a stunning creature,
her character quaint and strong.
She enters his lone fantasy,
and drifts to where he lay.
Wild colors bridge through his insanity,
a light to guide his way.
Is this a dream?
Can it be real?
His mind races for a sign.
He closes his eyes,
dives through dark shadows,
with someone there to find.
They hold one another,
meshing arms,
a light grows in his heart.
If this is a dream,
with passion there,
then never shall they part.

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